Welcome to Romania! 

Our agency promotes the most beautiful places Romania has to offer to any tourist wishing to live some unique experiences based on real history, myths, nature, food and many more. Every tourist is entitled to the best treatment. Do not worry, Romanians are renowned for their hospitality! We shall guide our tourists without rushing them around, making sure they receive all of the neccessary information as we go along through our journey. We can also provide any other useful tips tourists may need, such as places to dine at, venues for having a drink or a night out or spots where they can enjoy a nice, quiet stroll.

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Old houses hidden from people's eyes, churches rescued from demolition and architectural gems of monarchic times i.e Romanian Athenaeum, Royal Palace, University Library, the old city centre with the voivode's court named as Dracula's court, the real story of Dracula, all these spotlights are combined with our full day or multi day tours in an offer that covers all one’s requests for a trip.

We know that a guide doesn’t mean just to drive and show different attractions or beautiful places, but he needs to be a good companion that interracts with different categories of people and should be able to listen, see and to feel his customers. He must be good in creating a good athmosfere and keeping the conversation along the trip, involving the travelers in discussions and activities.

Romania is elegance layered with history.

Romania is enigmatic landscapes. If you want to explore the wild and impressive natural environment of our country and to discover the cities and romanian culture, contact us. 

We are waiting for you! :)


*English, Italian, Bulgarian and Turkish speaking guides available!

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