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Easter in Romania 2020
4 Days City Break in Bucharest

Price: From 225 EUR/person

Duration: 4 Days

The offer includes: Guide + Transportation + Accommodation + Half board pension

Why choose this: Would you like to pass a small vacation / city break in Romania after a difficult period of work or just want to discover more about our country? We have the recipe for this. If…

4 days in Romania
Carpathian Wildlife Exploration – 4 Days Tour

Price: From 220 EUR

Duration: 4 Days

The offer includes: Transportation + Guide + Carpathian exploration one full day with specialist + Accomodation 3 nights in Brasov + 2 Traditional Dinners

Why choose this: We invite you in upper Dâmbovița Valley to explore the trails, alpine grasslands and forests, to observe the plants, trees, birds and wild animals. Besides, the voyage includes 2 more days in which you can…

Danube Delta Fishing and Adventure Trip

Price: From 450 EUR

Duration: At least 3 Days

The offer includes: Accommodation + Transport + Guide + fishing equipment and local taxes + boat trips

Why choose this: This tour is addressed to persons that love to fish in natural areas. On the other hand, Danube Delta is a perfect way to relax after a hard period of work.

Thematic Vlad The Impaler (Dracula) Tour

Price: From 315 EUR

Duration: 5 Days

The offer includes: Transportation + Guide + Half Board Meal + Accommodation 5 nights

Why choose this: Discover the real story of Vlad the Impaler and the legend of Dracula. Enjoy the fantastic landscapes of Transylvania and the beauty of the attractions visited in this tour of 6 days!

5 Days in Transylvania and UNESCO Heritage

Price: From 200 EUR

Duration: 5 Days

The offer includes: Transportation + Professional Guide + 4 nights accommodation + Half Board with traditional dinners (or Full Board) + Horse riding or carriage ride (optional)

Why choose this: Take this tour if you want to spend 5 days in Transylvania and Wallachia. Royal Castles, Beautiful Monasteries, Saxon Heritage and Unesco Heritage, all in 5 days!

6 days in Transylvania and Valachia

Price: From 489 EUR

Duration: 5 nights / 6 days

The offer includes: 5 nights accommodation + English speaking guide + Half board Meal + Cariagge Ride

Why choose this: Basic Tour of Romania in 6 Days. Visit Bucharest and the famous Transylvania, discover the heritage and follow the guide for an unique experience!

7 days to go hiking in the Carpathian mountains
7 Days to Discover the Danube: Braila and Delta Tour

Price: 540 EUR

Duration: 6 nights

The offer includes: Transportation + Guide + Accommodation 6 nights + Two Boat trips + Fishing + Half Board Pension

Why choose this: The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve has the third largest biodiversity in the world. This tour in the eastern part of Romania offers a very good possibility of relax for 6 nights, or more, upon request.

7 Days for a Tour of Communism in Romania

Price: On request

Duration: Tailored - at least 5 nights

The offer includes: Accommodation + Half Board or Full Board Treatment Driver and Guide + Documentaries

Why choose this: This is thematic tour that is addressed to those passioned about communist era in Romania. Communist Era was a proof of patience, sufference and belief that intelectuals, priests and students showed to the soviet system.…

8 days for a tour of Transylvania and painted Monasteries
8 Days for a Slow Tour in Transylvania

Price: From 560 EUR

Duration: 7 nights

The offer includes: Transportation + Guide + Accomodation 7 nights as per itinerary + Half board + Horse riding or carriage ride

Why choose this: Travelling time means to choose experiences over sights – and more than anything else – quality over quantity. Removing the rush and standing still even for a moment can reveal so much of a new…

8 Days to see the regions Bucovina and Moldova

Price: From 570 EUR

Duration: 7 nights

The offer includes: Transportation + Guide + Accomodation 7 nights as per itinerary + Half board + Horse riding or carriage ride in Bucovina

Why choose this: Bucovina - the north-eastern province of Romania - is renowned for the beautiful exterior frescoes on the walls of its monasteries. These triumphs of Byzantine-influenced art reflect a development of Moldavian civilisation in the 15th…

Transylvania Complete Tour - 8 Days

Price: 580 EUR

Duration: 8 days

The offer includes: Transportation + Accomodation 7 nights as described in the program + Horse riding or carriage ride + Half board Pension

Why choose this: This Tranylvanian tour is addressed to anyone who wishes to relax choosing a medium to slow tour visiting the central part of Romania. Transylvania's multi-ethnic heritage (including German and Hungarian ) is delightfully apparent in…

8 days to go behind the Iron Curtain - Republic of Moldova

Price: on request

Duration: 7 nights/ 8 days

The offer includes: Transportation + Half Board Meal + Guide + Accommodation 7 nighrs

Why choose this: The Tour in Moldavia and eastern part of Romania shows a different life of our neighbours, who suffered many difficulties in the recent past.

10 days in the Balkans

Price: From 710 EUR

Duration: 9 night/10 days

The offer includes: Transportation + Half Board Meal + Guide + Accommodation 7 nighr9

Why choose this: The balkanic spirit is known as friendly and resistant to difficult times. Visit Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia to know more about this part of Europe.

12 Days to see Cultural and Traditional Romania

Price: From 600 EUR

Duration: 9 nights/ 10 days

The offer includes: Transport + Hotel pick-up & drop-off + Half board menu + Entrance at Terror Tunnel in Bran + Horse riding or carriage ride.

Why choose this: Romania still keeps the traditions and local habits. In this tour you will be able to observe the most interesting regions of our country. Stories, festivals, local food and outdoor activities gives a tourist special…

13 Days for a Long Tour in Romania

Price: From 875 EUR/person

Duration: 13 Days

The offer includes: Transportation & Transfers, Professional Guide, Accommodation for 12 nights, Half board Meal

Why choose this: Come in Romania to see its most important regions and attracitons: South of the country and ts interesting story, the capital Bucharest, the castles and stunning panoramas in Transylvania, Maramures and its wooden churches and…

Dental tourism in Romania
5 day Tour to the Ice Hotel
4-day trip to see the Danube Boilers and Bigar Waterfall (South West Romania)
New Year 2019-2020 Romania

Price: From 400 Euros/person

Duration: 4 Days

The offer includes: Transfers based on flight schedules and transportation by car / van or modern coaches; Specialized driver / guide who speaks English throughout the journey; Overnight stay for 3 nights in 3 * / 4 * Hotels / Farmhouses with breakfast included; Half board (The New Year's Eve dinner is not included in the price. The cost of the dinner between 30-50 euros / person); Traveler fees. Non-Stop Assistance SOCA TOUR Romania

Why choose this: This tour represents an inspired choice for the passage of the New Year into a story setting with wonderful landscapes

8 Days for a Tour of Transylvania and Painted Monasteries of Bucovina - version 2

Price: From 540 EUR

Duration: 8 Days

The offer includes: A complete tour that includes most of the regions of Romania, but also the great treasure, the painted monasteries in Bucovina.

Why choose this: Transport and transfers, Specialized guide in english, Overnight stay for 7 nights, Half board

8 days in Romania with Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina
7 Days in Romania with Bucovina
Departure for groups 2019-2020
New Years Eve in Bulgaria

Duration: 4 days or 5 days