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 "Very nice, you opened you own tourist agency, congratulations and the best of wishes". (Gilberto)

"Back to Macedonia. Thank you for the wonderful day. Hope to see you again."

"I had a wonderful time visiting your beautiful and friendly country.  It was great to get your Romanian history lesson and individual tour of Brasov, Bran, Peles etc.I will give you good feeedback on trip advisor.Good luck in your career and job." (David Boot)

"Dear Julian, We are back in Germany since this morning. We had a very good time at Bucharest and we are remembering with pleasure our wonderful trip to the palaces of Peleş and Bran and to Braşov. You have guided us very well and we enjoyed the talks with you. I will contact “via cultus” in the next days and tell them about our meeting. I hope they will be interested in co-operating with your agency." (Ludwig and Uta, Germany)

"Iulian, I finally arrived home at 2AM yesterday- so after a few hours sleep, tackled the 600 messages that accumulated while I was in Romania and now arrive with some time to follow up on everything else.  I wanted to express my thanks to you again for helping me to totally enjoy my time in Romania.   I saw so much and learned so much , mostly thanks to your expert guidance. I sincerely hope I can persuade some clients to travel there and avail themselves of your expertise. I never ceased to be amazed at the depth of your knowledge about everything. And for the insight you afforded me of some of the customs in your culture." (Nancy Bandley, USA)


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