Cultural and Spiritual Tour in Bucharest by car

Price: From 9 EUR

Duration: Around 4-5 hours

Why choose this: Very useful for those who desire to discover more about the orthodox spirituality.

The offer includes: Transport (or by foot) English / Italian Speaking Guide + Transportation upon request + Free entrances in the churches

Join us to discover the orthodox spirituality in the famous capital of Romania. Hidden churches, saved from demolition during Ceausescu's regime, the Romanian Patriarchal Cathedral, tiny monasteries in the old city center of the city, famous painters, gorgeous architecture and unique details, the unknown story of the Romanian Saints, and not only. 

  * the tour can be made by foot and it lasts about 2 hours 30 min (see the details at the end of the page)


The experience includes: 

  • English or Italian speaking Guide;
  • Transportation upon request;
  • Free entrances in the churches or monasteries

What's extra:

    - other expendses such as meals, water, etc.


Romanian Athaeneum - Revolution Square - Kretzulescu Church - Parlament Palace (outside) - Antim Monastery - Mihai Voda Church - Domnita Balasa Church - Patriarchy Hill - Radu Voda Monastery - Bucur Church - St. Anton Church - St. Demeter Church - Stavropoleos Monastery - Russian Church St. Nicholas - St. George Church 

The meeting point with the guide will be at your Hotel or in the central area of the city. The guide will present you a part of the Orthodox Patrimony of Bucharest. 

The tour stars with the visit of the Romanian Atheneum (when possible, also inside), Revolution Square and Kretzulescu Church. 

The next stop will be at St. Antim Ivireanul Monastery and its synodical library, the one of the masterpieces of romanian orthodox architecture. What is special here? Besides the name Antim, a monk that printed books for Greece, Turkey, Armenia and other countries more than any other person, the synodical library inside the monastery complex was transferred some meters with all the books and even people inside in the comunism time. It had 9000 tones at that time!, but an enginner invented the method of translating the buildings for the first time in the world. 

Of course that we will stop in front of Palace of the Parliament or House of the People, as it was named in the past and you will enjoy a beautiful panorama with the second largest building from the world, situated next to Antim Monastery and you will here the story about the consequences and demolitions during the construction of the giant structure. 

The the guide will point to the Michael the Great Church, where you will see a very beautiful paiting in neo-byzantine style and a special architecture of the church. Michael the Great is considered national hero, as he is the first ruler that unified the three romanian principalities: Wallachia, Moldavia and Transivlanya in the year 1600. You will find the rest of the story on the spot, as he survived and he built a church named Michael Voda Church, that was also moved more than 50 meters.

The pilgrimage continues with the visit of Domnita Balasa (Lady Balasa church), one of the 7th daughters of Constantin Brancoveanu, ruler that lived in the 17th-18th century. Here something unique amazes: statues in orthodox churches; of course, there is an explanation for this and you will find the rest of the story on the spot.

The continues with the visit of the Romanian Patriarchal Cathedral and the Patriarchy Hill, where also the Patriarch of Romania is living. A passioned about the architecture will be impressed by the details of the carvings and the interior of the church erected in the mid part of 17th century, when all the area was covered by grapevines. This is also a good spot for panoramic pictures and a silent place to gather your powers before entering in the city murmurs. Inside the Cathedral you will find the reliqs of St. Dimitrie Basarabov, patron saint of Bucharest. There are also the reliqs of St. Constantine and Helen here. 

You will see, according to the preferences or time at disposal,  Radu Voda Monastery - Bucur Church - St. Anton Church - St. Demeter Church - Stavropoleos Monastery - Russian Church St. Nicholas - St. George Church and then the guide will drop off at Hotel or Restaurant. 







30 EUR / pers

16 EUR / pers

11 EUR / pers

9 EUR / pers

 * the tour can be made by foot and it lasts about 2 hours 30 min. The guide will choose some objectives at the beggining of the tour, together with the tourist.






50 EUR / grup

10 EUR / pers

8 EUR / pers

7 EUR / pers

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