Danube Delta Fishing and Adventure Trip

Price: From 450 EUR

Duration: At least 3 Days

Why choose this: This tour is addressed to persons that love to fish in natural areas. On the other hand, Danube Delta is a perfect way to relax after a hard period of work.

The offer includes: Accommodation + Transport + Guide + fishing equipment and local taxes + boat trips

       Discover the beauty of nature and wildlife in Danube Delta!

       Danube Delta-kaleidoscope of original landscapes, the paradise of rush bushes, of numerous fishes, the Danube Delta is a region of great touristic beauty and has a real scientific value. It has 5,050 square km (out of which 4,340 square km on the Romanian territory, the rest on Ukrainian territory), its average altitude is 31 cm, great part of the region being under water. Varied images appear in front of the visitor: sand banks, large ponds, numerous rush bushes, sand dunes, forests, canals shadowed by old willows. All these and a permanent metamorphosis, a permanent modification of the Delta's forms and dimensions amaze the Romanian and foreign tourists every year. First mention of the Danube Delta was made by the Greek historian Herodotus who described the moment when Persian fleet of Darius entered the Delta, after a stop in Histria (515-513 B.C.). On this occasion Herodotus mentions that the Danube is divided into five branches before flowing into the Black Sea. The Danube Delta is considered the region "with the largest and thickest rush surface of the globe" (the numerous rush bushes preserve the natural balance); with the richest ornithological fauna of the world (more than 300 species); the youngest land in Europe (each year the land advances 40 m into the water); the largest sand dunes in Romania; the lowest level of mist in Romania; the lowest altitude of a town (Sulina-3.5 m); the shortest winter in the country (20 days with 00C). Due to its special morphological and hydrographical characteristics and to the originality of its flora and fauna, there have been established several complex natural preserves within this region: Letea Forest, Caraorman Forest, Rosca-Buhaiova-Hrecisca-Letea Saint George-Perisor-Zatoane, Periteasa-Leahova-Gura Portitei. In August 1990 UNESCO included the Danube Delta, this "immense geologic and biologic laboratory" where everything undergoes changes, in the biosphere reserves due to its scientific and landscape value. Its fauna is very diverse, there is no similar place in Europe, it has species that are unique in the world. There can be remembered the following birds among the 300 species: pelicans, geese and ducks, storks, cormorants, egrets, flamingo, swans, most of them are declared monuments of nature protected by law. It should be mentioned that Delta's sky is crossed by six ways of the migratory birds, it is situated at halfway between Equator and North Pole (parallel 450) so it is often a stop for the migratory birds. Many of the Delta's fishes have economic value: sturgeon, stor sturgeon, sterlet-important for the caviar. There can be remembered the following mammals: hermine, wild cat, muskrat, raccoon dog, and tortoise. The unrivalled flora comprises, among other species: white and yellow water lilies, bulrush, bracken, different kinds of reeds, water iris. Besides this immensely rich floral landscape, there are 8,000 ha of forests with giant trees on whose trunks grow climbing plants like lianas. Charmed by everything, the tourists do not know what to admire fist of all: the rush waving when the wind is blowing, the variety of birds and vegetation or the fishermen's villages spread along the channels. Non of the nature's lovers will forget the days spent fishing or in the fishermen's cabins or in a tent, the soup made by fishermen that cannot be cooked like this anywhere else.


     - Rosca-Buhaiova-Hrecisca-fauna preserve situated in Matita Depression between Letea and Chilia sand banks, surface-15,400 ha. Every spring the biggest pelican colony in Europe come here and make their nests. The luxuriant vegetation attracts colonies of egrets, spoon bills and yellow herons;
     - Perisoe-Zatoane-fauna preserve situated to the east of Daranov Depression (to the south of Sfantul Gheorghe town). On its surface of 14,200 ha numerous swans, pelicans and cormorants make their nests. The nucleus of the preserve is represented by the lakes: Zatonul Mare and Zatonul Mic;
     - Periteasca-Leahova-fauna preserve situated in Razim-Sinoe lagoon (3,900 ha), the most famous region of cost birds. It includes some sand banks and the lakes: Leahova Mare and Leahova Mica, Periteasca, Pahane and Cosna;
     - Letea Forest-forest preserve situated on Letea sandbank (at 7 km south of Periprava). Great number of plants climbing around the tree trunks resembling tropical forests characterizes it. The tree that can be found here are: oak, elm, poplar, willow, etc;
     - Caraorman Forest-forest preserve, to the west of Caraorman sand bank, it is similar to Letea Forest, there are many tropical elements unique in the world;
     - Fossil Center-Agighiol, to the north of Razim lake;
     - "Wild strawbery Valley" Forest-Luncavita, situated in Macinului Mountains near Isaccea, it is a lonely spot where wild strawberry grow.


1st Day. Bucharest - Delta of Danube (Murighiol or Uzlina) 

Last Day. Delta of Danube (Murighiol or Uzlina) - Bucharest


*Tour Price:

  • 2 nights  450 EUR/ person
  • 3 nights  550 EUR/ person
  • 4 nights  620 EUR/ person
  • 5 nights  700 EUR/ person
  • Price is per person in double room, for a group formed by 2 persons. Supplement for single: according to the tour chosen. For larger groups, please send us a message at contact@socatour.ro and we will offer you a personalized price. 


The experience includes:

  • Hotel pick-up & drop-off
  • Airport transfer (round trip)
  • Transportation by air conditioned car or van
  • English or Italian Speaking guide
  • Fishing trips or boat trips and excursions every day(boat rides, fishing equipment and local taxes)
  • 2/3/4 or 5 nights accommodation with breakfast and dinner at Danube Delta Resort/Villa, best conditions.

What's extra

  • Optional activities
  • Meals

Optional Activities:

- Water safaris
- Sunset cruises
- Canoeing & kayaking
- Bird watching
- Wine tasting

- Scuba diving in the Black Sea

- Helicopter tours
- Guided ATV rides



Nota Bene:

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For extra night pre / post tour with half board, we charge a supplement of 50 EUR / person in a double room. 

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