Duruitoarea waterfall- one of the miracles of Ceahlau

If Prahoveu Valley has Urlatoarea, the Ceahlau Massif has Duruitoarea Waterfall. As their name suggests, they are two waterfalls absolutely impressive due to the noise they produce – you can hardly get along verbally at the foot of any of them.

If every weekend tourist, accommodated at Busteni or Sinaia, goes to Urlatoarea, the Duruitoarea Waterfall is not so easily accessible and maybe that is why it has kept a more evident touch of wilderness.


The waterfall in two stages, having 25 to 30 meters each, is impressive. The trail then takes to the left side of the waterfall and climbs quite abruptly. This last part of the journey is arranged with wooden steps and railings, as it is dangerous.

Although we can say the Duruitoarea Waterfall cannot be compared with its siblings from around the world from flow or height point of view, in exchange it offers an impressive show and makes an indescribable noise. In the first part of the waterfall, the waters have dug into the rock and the second threshold disperses the stream as a fan, from about five feet high.

If Durau Resort is situated at an altitude of 800 meters, the Duruitoarea Waterfall is located at 1270 meters and it is formed on the Rupturii River, springing from the mountains, becomes stronger and stronger in the Schitului Valley (Hermitage Valley) and then flows into the Izvorul Muntelui Lake.


How to get there?

There are two possibilities – from Durau resort (Neamt County) or, for experienced tourists and accustomed to the mountain, from the Dochia chalet on the Ceahlau plateau. We choose the Durau route because it is accessible all year round, although in winter it is more difficult.

You leave the resort on the asphalt road that passes in front of the Durau Monastery and you reach the Durau Rescue Point. Since the massif is protected area, you have to pay the entrance fee to Ceahlau National Park – 5 lei. From here you follow the pointer and then the mountain marking found everywhere on trees – Red Cross. For an accustomed tourist it takes about two hours to get to the waterfall.

The entire route is through the woods, where you can enjoy quiet and fresh air. The trail is dominated by the roots of coniferous trees. They give the impression that they have grown in order to create steps for the tourists.

You will also see why you have paid the fee at the entrance to the National Park: here and there are halting places arranged with benches, tables and dumpsters. At about an hour of walking, you get to Poiana lui Stefan (Stephen’s Glade) and you know the most difficult part is over.

Here is the intersection with the road from the Fantanele Chalet. Further on, the trail through the woods ascends and descends slowly. On the last part of the route the infernal sound of the sound can already be heard, giving you thrills.

From the waterfall, the complete route leads to Dochia Challet, but to get there it takes at least two hours and only in summer can be travelled.



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