Love, Timișoara

After 76 articles I finally manage to write about my adoptive city, Timișoara :D For the past 10 years I've lived in this city but now that I think of it it doesn't feel like 10 years. Wow, I'm old!

Timișoara is my second home and I think it was hard for me to write about it because I'm the type of person who doesn't really appreciate the city I live in. It's easy to get used to the beauty and freshness of this city and simply ignore it.



Mini-tour through Timișoara
I promise I won't bother you with many historical details, but I intend to write about why I love this city, why it's so beautiful and so cool. It will be more of a way to make you curious and come experiment this city yourself :)
Unirii Square
Roman - Catholic Dome in Unirii Square

The best place in Timișoara
Let's start with the best of the best, shall we? :) For me, without a doubt, the best place to be in Timișoara is Unirii Square (The Unification Square). I've travelled a lot through Romania and Europe and I can honestly say it's the most beautiful public square in the country and one of the best in Europe! It's magical and full of life.

The buildings have an elegant Baroque style, they're colourful and bring a smile to your face. There are many terraces, restaurants, pubs and...pigeons, Timișoara's trademark :) From the beginning of 2016 most of the streets adjacent to Unirii Squarehave become pedestrian - only streets which increases the attraction of this entire area in the historic centre. Here you can discover many good stuff: food, sweets and nice music performed by street artists.
Unirii Square - The Art Museum (left) and Bruck House (right)
The Fountain and the Roman - Catholic Dome in Unirii Square
The Fountain in Unirii Square
The most iconic building in the square is the Roman - Catholic Dome, the big impressive yellow building at one corner of the square, but in the same time very elegant. Then there's the Baroque Palace which hosts the Art Museum. This is a big building very similar to the imperial buildings you see in Vienna.

Next up is my favourite building in Unirii Square: Bruck House. After a perfect restoration process this building, built in Art Nouveau and Secession styles, is an architectural jewel and impresses through the unique colour mix (dark green and burgundy) and the beautiful balconies with full glass walls. This make it a landmark of the city. One of the many :P
Serbian Orthodox Vicarage
Unirii Square
Unirii Square - Roman - Catholic Dome
Unirii Square - The Art Museum
Unirii Square - The Roman - Catholic Dome
There are many beautiful and important buildings in Unirii Square but I think it's better to see them for yourself and enjoy the sight by relaxing at one of the many terraces in this public square. Then take a walk on the surrounding pedestrian streets where many shops are waiting for you with good stuff :)

From Unirii Square to Opera Square via Liberty Square
Walking by shop windows, cookie shops, burger houses, libraries and coffee shops on your way to Opera Square is a delight. There are many people walking here but it's not terribly crowded. 5 minutes walk from Unirii Square and you get to Liberty Square.

This place is recently controversial since the whole historical centre was restored. Previous to the restoration process there were many big trees which have now been replaced with a few very young ones. It looks a bit empty now, especially if you know how it was before :)
Serbian Orthodox Vicarage - architectural details
Unirii Square - The Roman - Catholic Dome
Unirii Square - The Art Museum
Unirii Square - Bruck House
city life on the pedestrian streets in the historical centre
Liberty Square is the host of several old and beautiful buildings: Army's House, the former War Office, the Old City Halland the Military Casino. This is the birth place of the city. This is where Timișoara started off and expanded on the swamp that surrounded it!

On the way here a few recently added statues will cheer you up and some of them will make you think of today's world. You'll also see a few bronze models of Timișoara Fortress. Today you can only see a few walls from this fortress. They have also been restored.
statue in Liberty Square
Alba Iulia street - with overhanging colourful umbrellas each spring
Alba Iulia street - with overhanging colourful umbrellas each spring
Alba Iulia street - with overhanging colourful umbrellas each spring
Alba Iulia street - with overhanging colourful umbrellas each spring
Alba Iulia street - with overhanging colourful umbrellas each spring
From Liberty Square we continue walking on Alba Iulia pedestrian street which links Liberty Square to Opera Square. If you're lucky enough you can walk on this street under hundreds of colourful umbrellas which usually are placed here each spring.
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