Maramures- a corner of heaven

Maramures- a corner of heaven


     The Maramures area is a region in Romania with a rich tourist offer from mountain excursions and extreme sports to cultural and religious tourism.

So if you love nature, you will surely love the mountain landscapes and valleys that leave you breathless. Regardless of the seasons you visit, these places have their magic and special charm and you will find yourself in the middle of pure nature and dreams.

The fame of the region is mainly due to the traditional architectural monuments, over 200, which have been preserved to the present. All this is for the inhabitants of everyday life: beautiful traditional houses, wonderful wooden doors, known all over the world, beautiful wooden churches with towers that seem to touch the sky.

In this article we want to present a list of what you should not miss when you visit the wonderful Maramures:

  • The happy cemetery in Sapanta - the name of the cemetery comes from the multitude of multicolored crosses and satirical poems and satirical epithets engraved on the cross.
  • Mocanita in the Vaser valley - note that you have to be there before 9 am to make sure you have time before the train leaves, after which you can enjoy the beautiful view and leave the old Mocanita that leaves a thick white smoke.
  • Barsana Monastery - a rocky paradise perched on a hill, this monastery is actually a complex of traditional buildings in Maramures, some of which are more chic than the others with flowers, many flowers. The surprise is that not only the nuns live here, but also peacocks that defend themselves when you dare to get too close to their cage.
  • Horses Waterfall - undoubtedly one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Romania. You can reach the cascade on foot along a path that runs from Borsa or the chairlift, but for the second option it is necessary to bring together a group of at least 10-15 people. 
  • Maramures Village Museum - located in Sighetu Marmatiei, this museum is an opportunity to make an incredibly beautiful incursion through old wooden houses, sculpted harbors, woven canvas and drying walls and crossing the traditional villages that have their charm, but we believe such an experience will make you understand better what the villages are, making them look totally fascinating but above all what distinguishes them.
  • The Peri Monastery in Săpânţa and the Wooden Church of Ieud Deal - seen at a distance of 5 kilometers, this monastery is considered to be the highest wooden church in the world and is also recorded in the Book of Records. The wooden church at Ieud Deal, on the other hand, is one of the oldest preserved churches in Maramures, but one of the most beautiful.
  • Rodna Mountains National Park - this is the second national park in Romania, with many tourist itineraries and routes that await tourists to admire.
  • Mara-Cosau-Creasta Cocoş area, Breb village - here you will find a delightful ecotourism destination, wooden churches, wooden peasant technical installations, crafts, a popular harbor and traditional festivals. In the area, cycling is at home, with green roads and protected areas available. Also in this area is Breb village, which, from our point of view, should be a mandatory place to visit if you arrive in Maramures. Why? because here you can stroll through the ancient streets, admire the old wooden houses still inhabited and interact with locals. In the village of Breb, the traditional harbor is still traditional, especially on Sundays and big religious holidays.


Finally, our recommendation is to visit Maramures because it is a wonderful area where old traditions are still alive. Here you can relax, forget about urban stress, admiring wonderful landscapes.