Mogosoaia Palace near Bucharest. A day of royal relaxation


You can find Mogosoaia Palace near Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Even though the area, where this royal construction can be found, is not spectacular, the palace and the courtyard surely are. I advise you to choose a sunny summer day to visit this beautiful palace with an amazing garden and peaceful lake.

Mogosoaia Palace Bucharest

Who built Mogosoaia Palace

Mogosoaia palace was built between 1698-1702 by Costantin Brancoveanu, Prince of Wallachia. The construction style is Romanian Renaissance, a mix of Venetian and Oriental styles. The palace bears the name (Mogosoaia) of the widow of the Romanian boyar Mogoș, who owned the land it was built on.


Constantin Brancoveanu

The Palace was to a large extent rebuilt in the 1920’s by Martha Bibesco. Constantin Brancoveanu, Prince of Wallachia, was tortured and then beheaded by the ottoman Turks. After his death, the palace became a turkish inn. This is why only the walls of the castle date from that era. The furniture and decorations inside are mainly from the 20th century when Martha Bibesco saved this architectural gem.


Mogosoaia Palace

Why you should visit Mogosoaia Palace

I went to see Mogosoaia Palace about two weeks ago. Based on the suburban-collapsed-garbage-rural landscape I saw on the way there I didn’t expect too much of this palace located at about 10 kilometers far from Bucharest. Well, I was wrong. And even though it was a rainy, cold day, I immediately understood why people are drawn to this beautiful place.

Mogosoaia Lake

The interior of the palace is really nice and interesting. Unfortunately none of the furniture pieces are original from the times it was built, but there are many art pieces that remind of that stormy era. With narrow passes and spiral stairs, the palace itself is not imposing but rather cosy. Sometimes, as you pass from room to room you can feel trapped. We actually got a little lost going from room to room, and as we wondered where to go next we surprisingly found out that we actually arrived in the very same spot we had started. We were going in circle through the building and we didn’t even know it.


The great gardens of Mogosoaia Palace

Aside from the actual castle, you can visit the basement, a church, an extra building and a really small house turned into an art museum. However, even though all these constructions are really beautiful pieces of art and culture, the best asset of this place are the gardens and the lake.

Mogosoaia Palace Bucharest

The gardens are really beautiful and the place is so quiet. As it hasn’t been advertised, not many tourists come here to see the palace. This is why, the area is actually an island of fresh air, amazing flowers, calmness and peaceful waters. I think it is the perfect place for meditation or art creation.

So, if you want to spend great quiet time in a royal garden you should come to Mogosoaia Palace near Bucharest.

Mogosoaia Palace Bucharest

When, where, how much?

Well, even though Mogosoaia Palace is located at only 10 kilometers from Bucharest, I strongly recommend using a GPS to find the road. The palace is in Mogosoaia Village, but not on a very busy artery so not that easy to find.

The best season to visit the place is summer and try to choose a sunny day to enjoy the gardens.

I strongly recommend you to travel by car. You can safely park it outside the gates of the castle but also inside if you pay a small fee.

Schedule: 1st of May – 1st of November: 10:00 – 18:00; Closed on Monday.

1st of November – 1st of May: 9:00 – 17:00; Closed on Monday.

Visiting fee: 5 Lei – a little over one euro