The fortress - church of Prejmer, Unesco Heritage

The Prejmer Fortress that houses the Fortified Church in the town is one of the best preserved fortifications in Europe, but also the oldest historical monument in Brasov. It is among the few that were not crushed by the Communists, but on the contrary. Even Nicolae Ceausescu gave money for its restoration.

The fortress was built in 1211 by the Teutonic Knights, in Gothic style and is listed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. In order to defend themselves against the Turkish invasions, the inhabitants of the settlement, originally from Saxony, built the walls of the Peasant Fortress in the 15th century.

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The fortress has the shape of a circle that surrounds the Evangelical Church, 12 meters high walls and 3-4 meters thick. It was attacked 50 times by the Turks. It is said that the fortress fell once in the hands of the enemies, but only because they had come as friends, and after entering the city they became conquerors. Prejmer Fortress is the only tourist destination in Romania that has received three stars in the Michelin Green Guide for tourism.

Attractions of the fortification

     The church houses one of the oldest altars in Transylvania, painted in the fifteenth century, but also many other unique attractions. “Prejmer Fortress is the oldest fortified church in Bârsei Country. One of the attractions is the camaraderie which is unique. There are practically 274 small rooms, one for each family in the village. The number of the room was the same as that of the house, which is why they are all numbered. Here the people were sheltering in case of an invasion. Also the Road of the Streets near the walls of the fortress is very well preserved, and in the case of other fortifications it does not exist anymore. There is also the Death Organ, practically a board with five rifles on one side and five on the other, which rotated and became a true machine gun. It was used when the city was attacked, "said Silvia Zeimes. Prejmer Fortress is one of the few tourist attractions that were not destroyed by the Communists. Between 1960 and 1973, the Romanian state, including Ceausescu with his hand, signed an investment of 18 million lei. for its restoration. Since 1992 the fortress belongs to the Transylvanian Saxon Foundation.


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The fortress was an important strategic point, with bastions, iron gates and bridges rising. Legend has it that in one of the barbarian invasions, a Tartar was hit in the head by the "tooth" of an iron gate, and so strong was its head that it broke through it, so people chose to explain the existence of a gate. iron "screws" inside the fortress. Another legend, known in most medieval cities in Barsa Country, says that, if a couple argued, they were punished for living longer in the "room of reconciliation." a single blid. This "condemnation" inevitably led to the reconciliation of the spouses.