The Sibiel Village

Sibiel   is one of the 18 traditional Romanian villages with a special cultural, architectural & historical heritage, located SW of Sibiu outskirts ("Marginimea Sibiului").

With a population of about 450 inhabitants, the village is part of the ten Sibiel settlements that make up the city Sălişte. Located along the namesake river, which crosses the city from west to east, the city Sibielului was identified by some researchers as Salgo camp, attested from 1322.

Located 23 km away from Sibiu, housed in a bucket that Cibin Mountains, the village Sibiel furthers its ancient history a relay in natural beauty, culture and Romanian tradition.

Sibielului story is shrouded in mystery, village elders recounting the time he's there and giants, and that would be hidden treasures Decebal Traian fear. Name the oldest streets, stemming from the glory era places in Slavic Village origins.

After the typical Saxon houses are ordered next to each other, inspiring sobriety and prosperity. Among the winding cobblestone roads and houses along the river, traditional and rustic, this settlement makes one of the most scenic areas, tourist assaulted every season.

Sibiel were kept at a handicrafts passed from generation to generation: blacksmithing, farriery, carpentry, spinning, weaving, furriers, and cooking and wine ţuicii apple or bread and cake baking on the hearth. However, local representative is painting icons on glass, Nicolae Suciu occupations is one of the masters. In his memory be organized periodically specific creative camps for kids.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of ancient customs, villagers living along the deep mystery and charm of the event or the various religious rituals. Collection of icons on glass with natural beauty, geographical location, simplicity and hospitality of the villagers are just some of the treasures that this place attracts you holy Sibiel.

The village is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and the tourists will be charmed by the simplicity & hospitality of the locals, the genuine Romanian traditions & culture visible everywhere. The tourists can see the beauty of ancient habits, feel the rhythm of the villagers and taste the charm of the village events & religious rituals. 

In Sibiel many handicrafts were being passed to future generations: blacksmith, farrier, carpenter, furrier, weaver, wool hand weaving, cheese manufacture, glass painting, looming.

Sibiel main attractions are: "Priest Zosim Oancea" Glass Icons Museum which hosts the largest glass painted icons in Transylvania (XVIIIth-XIXth century), unique in Europe with over 700 exhibits and "Holy Trinity" Church, XVIIIth century with valuable indoor paintings and icons on glass & wood.



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