Timishoara, the First European City with Public Street Lighting

Over time, Timisoara (city in West Romania) recorded several firsts. Besides the fact that the municipality is known as the first city in Romania in which horse-drawn trams circulated, in 1884, in Timisoara has also recorded a great premiere: it became the first European city with street lighting.

On November 12, 1884, in the city upon ‘Bega’ River 731 electric lighting lamps were commissioned. The filaments of the incandescent lamps were made of coal.

Energy essential moments of the city on the 'Bega' River:

1882 – on December15, The City Hall concluded a concession contract with Anglo-Austrian Society Bruch Company Electrical Ltd. for electrical lighting of Timisoara streets;

1884 – European first: on November 12, 731 electric lamps were put into operation, a total length of 59 kilometers.  The filaments of the incandescent lamps were made of coal;

1889 – July 12th, began supplying electricity to the trams previously pulled by horses;

1893 – January 1st, the Power Station Timishoara was bought with 200,000 florins by a British company and entered into joint ownership as the Uzina Electrica Timishoara (Power Plant Timishoara);

1910 – May 3rd, a Hydroelectric Plant is put into operation, equipped with three turbines during the war. Beyond that time the plant development has stagnated;

1938 – April 1st, the Power Station and Trams Community (Tramvaiele Comunale) were merged under Electro Timisoara’s name, which functioned until 1948, the year of nationalization;

1942 – During the war, street lighting was removed on September 16th, except for 63 lamps which were camouflaged. Great efforts were made to keep the plant in operation;

1948 – After nationalization CET Arad and CET Timisoara merged, except Timisoara’s

tram public transportation operations. The new merged entity, was called Banat Electricity Company, which after one year, in 1949, was renamed Regional Electricity Enterprise Timisoara - IRET;

1995 – New solutions were introduced in designing of the electrical networks of medium and low voltage, the service transformers were modernized, the informational systems was developed, and the public lighting was also modernized;

Presently, the System Application and Product Development, SAP, was implemented in the electric power distribution in Timisoara, a complex integrated information system, which provides proper conditions for an efficient management of all the specific activities for the electric supply and distribution.

2004 – July 19th, the Enel SpA, an Italian investor signed the privatization contract for the two electrical Distribution and Supply Subsidiaries of Electrica Banat and Electrica Dobrogea SA, achieving the first privatization in the energy sector in Romania.

Source: http://www.wonderful-romania.com/index.php/component/k2/item/48-timisoara-the-first-european-city-public-street-lighted

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