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Travel idea in Romania



         Mehedinti is a county in the regions of Oltenia and Banat, in the southwest of Romania. The county town is the municipality of Drobeta-Turnu Severin.

  According to historian Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, in his '' Critical History of the Rumanians '', the name Mehedinti derives from Mehedinski, a Slavic term that designates the territory around the city of Mehadia, a city on the territory of the neighboring county Caras Severin, at border with the Mehedinti.

  The tourism potential of the county of Mehedinti is given by the magnificent landscape formed by the Danube River, by the diversity of the relief in the mountainous area, by the existence of special elements of flora and fauna, many of them registered in scientific reserves, to which is added the an impressive testimony of a past. , expressed through a series of historical monuments, architecture and art, some unique in their value and unprecedented.

The Mehedinti area offers many tourist attractions for travelers. With numerous objectives to visit, we recommend a circuit here to learn about the area in the splendor of its diversity. So, if you are planning a tour in Romania and want to visit the Mehedinti area, we recommend that you do not miss the following objectives:


Portile de Fier National Park (The Iron Gates I)

        Two counties of Romania, Mehedinti and Caras Severin "claim their right" on the Portile de Fier nature park. This is one of the largest nature parks in our country and brings together 18 nature reserves. The Banat-Almajului and Locvei mountains meet the Mehedinti mountains and reach part of the Mehedinti plateau. The yellow tulips of the boilers, the black pine, the dry turtle, the wolf, the sparrows, the egret or the horned viper are just some of the flowering or fauna species that share their over 1000 kilometers. Along the mountain trails, tourists can admire the rich flora of the area, admire the Danube gorge and the iron gates I.


The bridge of God

          We are accustomed to seeing the construction of human-made bridges, but it is impressive when nature plays the engineer alone. The bridge of God is the best example in this regard. It is the third in the world and is located in the village of Ponoarele. The natural bridge rises for 13 meters and extends over 30 meters in length, and its formation happened after the collapse of a wall in the Ponoare cave.


Lilac forest Ponoarele

         You may not have expected that in places where the Danube followed its course to meet an entire lilac forest, but the lily flower grows in the village of Ponoarele. The shrubs extend over 20 hectares, an area sufficient for a few days of exploration. Nearby is the Mehedinti plateau and the karst complex of Ponoarele.


The gorge of the Danube

            The gorge of the Danube manages to offer the traveler a rare sight. 134 kilometers along which the water flows through the Almaj mountains. The area is protected by law and is included in the Portile de Fier Natural Park, which includes 18 other reserves or protected areas and a true biological, ethnic and geological diversity. Just look at the Danube and you will understand the fascination of the people for the second river d Europe!

  The impressive part of the Danube Gorge is the area called the "Danube Boilers". Here, the water of the river narrows, making its way through the mountains and digging in the limestone for almost 7.4 kilometers. And that's not all, the boilers are divided into small and large. The small boilers reveal their identity in the city of Eselnita, where the beautiful Mraconia valley, Decebal's face, and the large boilers are located in Dubova, dominated by the Almajului Mountains.


Decebal's face

        The statue in the rock representing the face of King Dace, Decebal, is the largest in Europe. The 40 meter high building is impressive and is close to Mraconia Bay. The statue was carved into the rock at the initiative of historian Joseph Consatntin Dragan. Decebal's face is near "Tabula Traiana", a commemorative tomb erected by Emperor Trajan, on the Serbian bank of the Danube.


Drobeta Turnu-Severin

         Start your journey in Mehedinti County, from Drobeta Turnu Severin. The city is a testament to the Roman civilization that dominated these lands. The Trajan Bridge, built by Apollodorus of Damascus, the Roman baths and the amphitheater evoke an ancient world and are points of interest, especially for the fans. Simian Island Simian Island lies between the two banks, the Romanian and the Serbian, downstream of the Portile de Fier I hydroelectric power station. The 55-hectare dry tongue is heated in the turbid waters of the Danube. It seems that this place has been inhabited since the Neolithic, and here some of the tourist attractions of the former island of Ada Kaleh have been moved. Which makes it an "open-air museum". Mraconia MonasteryFor exceptional photos, visit Mraconia, which has an opening at the Small Boilers, a street. Here, the noise of traffic is lost between the walls of the gorge and the few houses remind us that we are not in an isolated place. Here too, towards New Moldova rises above Mraconia water, built on the site of the old monastery (15th century).


Cave IzvernaI

          Mehedinti Mountains hide a speleological treasure, famous in Europe. Izverna cave has become famous and sought after by foreign tourists, after Jacques Cousteau filmed in galleries and released the film "Explorations of the 20th Century". In fact, the cave is famous for its treasured legends in the deep, hidden. by Empress Maria Teresa. Another legend, known by the village elders, tells the story of the treasure of Serbia, which would have been buried in this cave. Folklore or not, the cave of Izverna is unique and thanks to the karst spring with the highest flow of the county, which feeds the localities of the area.

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