The legend of Bucharest

     Even though today it bears the emblem of a metropolis, extremely crowded and cosmopolitan, Bucharest has a legend behind it with clear rural roots. Like most Romanian settlements, the capital was founded by shepherds, thus confirming the fact that we have a mioritic place.

The legend of Bucharest is related to the name of a rich shepherd named Bucur. He had a large flock of sheep of all kinds, sturdy and fearless dogs, strong donkeys and beautiful horses. At his sheepfold, Bucur held many disciples and shepherds not only skilful, but also zealous, for they had to deal with both the forest animals and the pre-eminent groups of evil men who were moving in those perilous times.

The Tatars were the most dangerous enemies, plundering, setting fire, and taking disciples as sheep. But their most annoying deed was when, in a winter, they kidnapped the girl from Bucur, on Anca. Beautiful, sprinty, sweaty, Anca was caught with the lanyard as she twisted the wool for the shepherds' wounds. She struggled in vain, too big and wild was the haze of Tatars.

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Bucur ignited pain and anger. Together with two friends, he rode hastily, running days and nights in a row to save his virginity. The kidnappers only came to the frozen waters of the Dniester River. The Tatars tried to cross the river, but the ice cracked, the robbers drowning in prey. Some escaped because of the stallions who knew how to swim. Bucur's fear was that Anca went to the bottom too, but she was overjoyed when she saw his tick among the pieces of ice.

Bisericuța lui Bucur- anul 1900

They all returned to the sheepfold on the shore of Dambovita. Here, on a limb, they built a large house and surrounded it with a high fence of thick pockets, like a real city wall. Then, when Anca got married and had children, they also built a small church, which has been preserved to this day - "The Church of Bucharest".

Over the years, more and more Romanians, Greeks, Russians, Turks have settled here. And look, around the house of Bucharest, after hundreds and hundreds of years, a large settlement was formed to which the people told Bucharest, which became the capital of the country.