Foreign exchange in Romania

Information on foreign exchange in Romania


        This article is meant to provide important information about currency exchange when you visit our country, Romania. Although Romania is a member of the EU, the currency used here is the leu and not the euro. What this means?

Once in the capital of Romania, the first thought is to change the euro in the local currency; in fact, the goods and services purchased here are paid in lei because Romania has not yet joined the euro.

There are, however, some tips that you should know before you change your money at the airport. The euro rate at the airport is slightly different from that of an ordinary exchange office. So, we recommend changing a small amount to the airport (for taxi or urban transport), and the rest at a currency exchange.

How do you recognize these exchange houses? Simple! They are all over town and usually have an "EXCHANGE" poster, and exchange rates in different currencies must also be displayed. Typically, these exchange offices offer a better price than at banks.

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It's also a good idea to check the euro rate of the day by visiting the following link: https: //