Once you arrive at Otopeni Airport, you should consider a number of precautions during your stay in Romania. In a fairly high proportion, both the capital and other cities in Romania are very safe for tourists. We must say that in Romania the risk of a terrorist attack is almost null.

In this article we want to present a series of potential dangers in Romania. Firstly, as I said in the article on foreign exchange, it would not be a good idea to change all the money or a big amount of money at the airport. We advise you to change your money at a local exchange office, it is much cheaper.

Another aspect worth noting is taxis. You can choose to contact us ( for a safe and secure transfer or take the bus number 783 whose ticket costs only 1 euro or take a taxi. Typical taxi drivers (some, not all) tend to " inflate "note. Normally, an airport-Bucharest flight should not cost more than 15 euros.

Once you have arrived in the capital, we recommend paying attention to your personal belongings (bag, backpack, wallet, phone) anywhere in the world, especially in public transport, especially if it is crowded. Do not leave personal items unattended. Regarding the trip to Sinaia, Bran, Brasov, for those who want to make mountain trails, it is not advisable to do it yourself or to ignore the warnings of the authorities, especially in case of unfavorable weather.

Food is safe, prices are accessible and displayed in general. We can say that Romania is a safe country, you can travel safely both in the capital and in the surroundings, there are no major threats or possible terrorist attacks. So, consider booking as soon as possible a holiday in Romania because it is worth it you will definitely love it. Other views of those who have visited our country and, in particular, chose the Soca Tour agency, you can find on TripAdvisor.

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