Transport in Bucharest

Transport in Bucharest


       In Bucharest, tourists can travel by public transport, by bicycle or by taxi. Also, you can go by car or, why not, can explore the city's  areas on foot.

Depending on the priorities, the advantages and disadvantages of each of them must be balanced for a pleasant and successful stay in Bucharest. The surface public transport consists of an extensive network of bus, tram and trolleybus lines.

All areas in Bucharest are covered by these lines, which means that wherever tourists want to go, they have the means of surface transport. As far as the tickets are concerned, they are represented by travel cards (electronic wallets) that have to be validated at the time of embarkation in the middle of the shipment. The cost of a trip is about 0, 30 euros (1.30 Ron).

In addition, Ticket Centers are numerous, practically in or near each station.

Tickets must be validated after boarding to avoid unpleasant situations, which may result in a fine of € 11 (50 Ron). Surface public transport is available between 5.00 and 23.30, but the main disadvantage is that buses, trams and trolleybuses can crowd out during peak hours, which means that these means are not the most recommended way to get a tourist experience in Bucharest .

The bus connecting Otopeni Airport to the center of Bucharest is bus number 783 (the cost of the ticket is higher than that of the buses in the capital, about 1 euro). To go from any part of Bucharest to the old capital of the capital, you have a great variety of buses: 123, 104, 313, 385.


Metro is by far the most efficient way to explore the city of Bucharest. It is true that metro can become quite crowded during the peak hours (08.00-10.00 and 16.30-19.00), but the efficiency of these means of transport balances the disadvantage. Tickets or subscriptions can be purchased from subway stations. Stations are marked with large blue markings (M) so that they can be easily identified from the surface.

Metrorex is the company that manages underground transportation in Bucharest. For a complete list of subway stations, network map, ticket sales and season tickets, and validating them, use the following link:


There are many taxi companies in Bucharest that offer tourists and locals the possibility to travel to the city without the limits of public transport. On the other hand, passengers should pay attention to the taxi and ensure that the fare displayed on the doors behind the vehicle (or windows) is the one indicated.

On foot

Exploring the city on foot can be quite difficult, especially for those who come here for the first time or for tourists who do not know the destinations where the main targets are not concentrated in a compact area.

In Bucharest, the tourist attractions are scattered all over the city, which is why visiting them involves all means of transport. On the other hand, long walks in some big city parks or downhill lanes loved by the locals can be a pretty experience satisfying. There is also the possibility to rent cars / bicycles.