Weekend in Romania by train

Weekend in Romania by train


   Bucharest, the capital of Romania, offers many activities that you can do in the city or around the city.

  We offer you a holiday idea, maybe a holiday at the end of the week, which will give you the opportunity to visit many interesting places, but also to relax.

So this article gives you an idea to manage your 3-day holiday yourself through Romania. First, buy the direct flight from your country to Bucharest. We suggest you www.skyscanner.com or another you know. Today is easy to buy a cheap ticket at a good price, especially if you buy it for a while before traveling. Then, once you arrive at the airport, you can contact us to offer you a transfer from the airport to Bucharest if you prefer to have private transfer services. But you can also get an official taxi using the airport cars. It takes about 5 minutes and costs about 10 EUR / taxi, so if you are 3-4 people, it will cost 2-4 EUR per person. It's easy to use.

Or use the bus that runs from and to the airport. The cost is about EUR 1.5.

Very important: We suggest you book a hotel in the city center! If you find a good price outside the central area, you should know that you will take a taxi or public transport, but it is not so convenient. We can help you choose hotels or find them on your own. There are many options.

Day 1

After arriving in Bucharest, we offer the 2-hour "The Little Paris" 2-hour walk - Discover Bucharest in two hours. This tour will give you much information about the capital of Romania, you will see exciting places and listen to captivating legends. It is not a very difficult tour and it is very nice. After visiting the main objectives in Bucharest, we propose to buy the train tickets for the next day, to go to Brasov.

We recommend that you choose the private rail company Softrans. Tickets are paid on the train or online. Seats can be reserved online or reserved on the train without reservation, provided that the chosen location is not reserved to the destination.

Bikes benefit from a 50% discount at full price. Up to 4 bikes are accepted and it is advisable to carry it in the wagon 3 where there are special supports.

Here you can check the price of a Bucharest-Gara de Nord ticket to Sinaia or Brasov - https://www.softrans.ro/tarife.html As you see in the photo with prices, the price of a Bucharest-Sinaia ticket is 32 Ron , in Euro is about 7 EURO and Bucharest-Braşov 39 Ron. Reserving can be done online from the menu "Ticket booking" or you can check the program in advance, so go straight to the station and buy a ticket. By accessing this link you can check the departure time from Bucharest and return from Brasov  https://www.softrans.ro/mersul-trenurilor.html

You can also contact Softrans at info@softrans.ro or at the information office (Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00) phone: 0040 742 018 798.

For dinner, we suggest local restaurants already renowned in the historic center or near the historic center. Only if you are looking for Google for "the most famous restaurants in Bucharest" you will find at least 10. It is important to book for dinner, otherwise you will not find a place!

If you are only 2-4 people, try going to the restaurant, wait for a while and then when a meal is released you can enter. A dinner costs 10-15 EUR, including alcoholic beverages. 

As a specific local dish, we have Sarmale, Bread Soup (a bean soup served in bread), Tochitura, Ciorba Radauteana, and as a dessert, try Papanasi. Try to order the mititei, a traditional Romanian way. Sure you like it! This product with a tradition in Romanian culture appeared at the beginning of the last century, and the original recipe was claimed by several chefs.

Day 2

  After breakfast, going to the train station. After you get on the train, you will have a journey of about an hour and a half to Sinaia or two and a half hours to Brasov. Sinaia, one of the most beautiful mountain resorts in Romania, offers visitors a rich cultural and social past. Former residence of kings and a sacred name of Mount Sinai, which was first given to the monasteries of Sinaia by Sparatorul Mihail Cantacuzino (17th century), Sinaia embraces the beauty of unprecedented architectural nature and art. If you want to quickly cover a large area, you can choose the mountain bike. Special bicycles with modern safety features can be rented from Sinaia.

In winter, the skiers' paradise is Sinaia. You can practice on organized slopes, recreational descent, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, Randon skiing, extreme skiing and snowboarding, Sightseeing: Peles Castle, Sinaia Monastery, George Enescu Museum, casinos; Bucegi Mountains: Babel, Sphinx, Heaven Cross on Caraiman Mountain, ski slopes. In the evening, you can take the train at 20.45, which goes to Brasov and will arrive within an hour (check the Softrans program). ! In Braşov, we recommend booking a room in advance. You can book when you do for Bucharest.

 Day 3

 On the last day you should visit the city of Brasov, a beautiful city. You can see the Square of the Council, the Black Church, the Catherine Tower, the Black and White Tower and the old area of ​​the town called Schei, where the Romanians lived in distant times. After lunch it is advisable to go to Brasov station, because at 15.45 the train will go to Bucharest and will arrive around 18.20.


Note: The train does not reach Bran Castle!